I Magisteri – „Regime terapeutico“

lyrics of the song:

Ther’s a treatment regimen
That keep us all in balance
You will have to stay at home otherwise
You will spread the infection
It doesn’t matter if you are fine and if
All the people around me are fine
At 6 p.m. o’clock everybody knows
That the virus will kill us all

So come on everybody
Let’s kill the economy
Because what is going to resist
Will be only the ‚Made in China‘

The army the police
The distances in my home
The need of the vaccine
That will immunize
The freedom taken away
A little at a time in apathy
I’m ironical and angry
And I will infect you

There’s a treatment regimen
That want everybody ealthy and then
It forgets about the soul
And divides without any pity
There’s a job indispensable
And another that it isn’t
But for who will fail
Who will put the money

They call us back to civilization
To the respect of every rule
That later they change every two by three
Dictatorship sanitary

And on the newscast the idiocrazy
There’s not plague in my home
Terrorism about the infection
And anxiety at will
More we stay close at home
More we get sick
And even depressed and exhaust
Curfwes like bombs behind the corner

As long as there is the Covid, there is Speranza*
We miss the Covid, but not Speranza*
As long as there is the Covid, there is Speranza*
We miss the Covid, and the hope

There’s a treatment regimen
That abandon every dialogue
That decides it the thruth
And uses your stupidity
If you are not a conspiracy theosist
You are such an asshole
You have a gag on your face
That slowly is going to asphyxiate you

It doesn’t matter everything will be over
In the pubblic naivety
Implant yourself a good microchip
If you have a bit of fever a ‚beep‘ will be enough

Maybe this epidemic
It’s a big world sodomy
Sure a scooter will save us**
‚Denier‘ is the new accusation
For who just reflects on everything
If we will have no money
We will ask the M.E.S.***

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